How angry is angry?Anger is normal. Just like fear, joy, or sadness, anger is an emotional response to a set of circumstances or experiences and lets face it, expressing emotion is a part of being a normal healthy person.

So in and of itself, anger is not a problem. Challenges occur when the expression of anger begins to impact negatively at work or in home life with family and friends and that's when we might consider it a problem.

Anger can be the automatic response to an individual occurrence or a series of events - it is not a germ you catch or a condition that is handed down, but there can be a lack of learned skills around the appropriate expression of feelings like frustration, hurt, disappointment, fear, anxiety, isolation.

An inability to process feelings and express them in a way that can be understood by others can lead to a build-up of pressure internally that can seem to explode out of nowhere, and yet for others the pressure is constant, silently bubbling just under the surface - but this can be sorted.

All you need is a desire for change. Whether you believe it right now or not,  it really is possible.

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Research and Articles

Words can Harm or Heal

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